You’re passionate about your business and love what you do. 
You get a thrill from working with clients and seeing results. In your heart of hearts you hold the belief that this is exactly what you should be doing. It’s why you work so hard.

But you find yourself going around in circles and feeling stuck. You're frustrated by a lack of progress, a fluctuating income and overwhelmed by the pressure of being the ‘everything’ in your business. 

Days end with nothing achieved, weeks pass with no progress and you begin to wonder 'is there a better way?'

Self-doubt impacts your confidence and leaves you feeling deflated and stressed. And the cycle continues, you unsure of the next steps and where your attention needs to be.
I hear you and since opening the doors to my business back in 2013 I’ve been there many times. So I know and feel your pain. 
In answer to your question ‘is there a better way?’ Hell yes.
The Business Success Programme provides you with techniques and tools to strengthen each area of your business. Resulting in them working seamlessly together to achieve your goals. Making your life easier and creating the time you need to grow your business. 

You’ll get crystal clear on your ultimate goals meaning the plans you create get your attention ... because they excite you. And by focusing on the right activity you will stop procrastinating and overwhelm will become a thing of the past. 

Meaning you will have more than enough time, achieve results faster and have fun while you're doing it.
What’s included:
TEN training modules hosted in a membership area.
Weekly live group coaching calls with Lindsey for ten weeks.
A private Facebook Group where you can access even more support.
Worksheets and templates with each module to make your life easier.
Bonus One to One calls with Lindsey when paying in full - oh yes!
Weekly accountability with Lindsey to keep you moving forward.
The Business Success Programme is for you if you’re:
✅ Fed up with going around in circles and ready to focus your energy on the right actions and activity.
✅ Bored of working too many hours and ready to enjoy life away from your desk.
✅ Sick of not knowing what to do next and ready to get crystal clear on what needs doing.
✅Tired of struggling in the business and ready to create a fun business that is easy every day.

Join me in the Business Success Programme to create more than enough time TO easily achieve your goals.
Without sacrificing one second of your evenings and weekends.

— Sarah-Jane Le Blanc —
What I love most about working with Lindsey is her down to earth, practical approach to business – she has a keen eye for just seeing what needs to be done and an instinct for just knowing the best way for you to do it. This, coupled with her huge heart and love of supporting people to grow their business in whatever way works best for them, makes Lindsey an invaluable asset to anyone who is keen to move their business forward with rock solid support that is delivered in a really hands on way.

I first came to Lindsey with a major headache of a problem with one of my online teaching programmes. I had been grappling with this problem for over a year and had in fact already sought help from two other Business Coaches. When I presented the problem to Lindsey she paused for less than one minute then said: “There isn’t a problem with what you are offering, it’s how you are positioning it that is making it seem complicated”. Then she advised me on what steps to take to reposition my programme.

Wow. A year long problem and two coaches later and the problem was solved in less than one minute with Lindsey. Now that is a result!

Your Questions Answered
Who is the programme for?
All entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to have more fun in their business and enjoy more time out of their business.

What if I’m just starting out?
There is no better time to get your business working seamlessly than at the beginning.

How much time do I need to devote to the programme?
Two to three hours a week, with the exception of coaching calls every minute of this is you working on your business to change the pattern and shift results.

Do I need to attend the group calls?
If you want to make the most of this programme, I'm going to say yes. However, stuff does get in the way so calls are recorded and shared with you. 

What day will the group calls be on?
Every Tuesday morning at 09.30am. I use Zoom a FREE for you to use video conferencing platform and the camera will be on so don’t rock up in your pjs. 

How long do I have access to this content?
You will have access to the membership area for twelve months and the Facebook group for as long as you need it. 

Still not sure?
I totally get it, working with a business coach can be a leap of faith. So drop me an email with your questions

If you’re got this far it really is time to make a decision. Will you continue doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. Or are you ready to achieve your goals with ease while having fun and without sacrificing a minute of your me time?

I hope it's the later 😊!

— Claire Addley —
I joined Lindsey’s Business Success group in June 2018 and have really benefitted from the focused strategies for improvement and accountability. It’s great that all the videos are recorded and you can watch them as often as you like.

The worksheets provide great follow up and really get you to think about where you are and what you need to do to move your business forward.

The Facebook group provides a very supportive forum where no question is too stupid. Through the sharing of goals and strategies I have found new ways of doing things.

Since working with Lindsey my business has certainly grown and I’ve just had my busiest month ever!
"We can't recommend Lindsey highly enough, she got to grips with our business incredibly quickly. She understood where we wanted to get to and gave insightful advice to get us there. Excellent service." Andrew and Fran, Bumble and Boots

"Lindsey is highly motivating and enthusiastic, giving you lots of good advice and guidance on how to take your business forward. I would highly recommend anyone in business having a discussion with Lindsey." Alan, AMCAS Training Ltd

"Lindsey has demonstrated great insight and business acumen. Whilst never letting me off the hook she has coached me how to recognise both successes and areas for improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey, an outstanding business coach." Emma, ABC Networking Ltd