You opened the doors of your business with excitement and anticipation. Feeling that you’d finally arrived at the place you were meant to be. Leaving the nine to five behind and looking forward to being in control of your destiny.

Like me you probably soon realised and found that you were working more hours. Responsible for all elements of the business and often outside of your comfort zone.

This is when the doubt creeps in, the fear takes hold and suddenly it’s serious. The doubt and fear that keeps you stuck and prevents you from making good business decisions.

At the beginning just like you I was riding the wave of enthusiasm BUT with no thought to the longer-term. It was all a little ad-hoc and scatter gun, I was not building a business and I was not planning for the future, not even short-term.

I was busy for busy sake, working long hours and shortly after exhausted. This impacted my earning capacity and resulted in inconsistent income and stress like I'd never experienced before.

Fortunately and with the support of business coaches I realised where I was going wrong and did something about it.
I don’t want YOU to make the same mistakes I did.
It’s why I created the Business Success Programme.
— Claire Addley —
I joined Lindsey’s Business Success group in June 2018 and have really benefitted from the focused strategies for improvement and accountability. It’s great that all the videos are recorded and you can watch them as often as you like. The worksheets provide great follow up and really get you to think about where you are and what you need to do to move your business forward.

The Facebook group provides a very supportive forum where no question is too stupid. Through the sharing of goals and strategies I have found new ways of doing things. Since working with Lindsey my business has certainly grown and I’ve just had my busiest month ever!
The ten weeks of support kick off by looking at:

➡️where you are now, essential no matter what stage of the journey you’re at,
➡️where you want to go, so you can create the road map and
➡️highlight the areas that need your attention to achieve the success you deserve.

You will gain clarity on where your energy should be in the business, strengthen its foundations and future proof your success. Plus, gain back valuable time that YOU can then spend doing the things you love and most likely the reason you started your business in the first place.

Over the ten weeks you will:
➡️ Get clear on the bigger picture.
➡️ Develop plans you WILL implement.
➡️ Improve productivity and increase results.
➡️ And learn to recognise your own limiting beliefs and how to deal with them.

I will share with you the strategies and tools I’ve implemented and support you in making them work in YOUR business. You will have access in the membership area to modules that are released weekly to not overwhelm you. Covering different elements that will enable you to stengthen and build your business. Plus those that focus on personal development to ensure you're growing with the business.

If you:
Want To Move The Business To The Next Level
✅ Need Clarity On The Next Steps
✅ Want A Business You're In Control Of
✅ Need Systems For Improved Efficiency
✅ Want Accountability to Make It Happen

Then the Business Success Programme is for you and today you can join a group programme with immediate access to the membership area. Weekly calls are on a Tuesday morning and recorded so if you're not able to join can watch at a time to suit you. The group calls and Facebook group provide access to me but also peer support which is invaluable. 

There's an opportunity to work with me on a one to one basis alongside the group. Enjoying (yes they are enjoyble) six thirty minute intense coaching calls where you and I will focus solely on your business.
START building a STRONGER business TODAY.
A membership area packed full of video training and templates to build a stronger business.
Weekly group calls providing you support every step of the way and to answer your questions.
A private Facebook Group where you can access full support from me and the other course members.
— Sarah-Jane Le Blanc —
What I love most about working with Lindsey is her down to earth, practical approach to business – she has a keen eye for just seeing what needs to be done and an instinct for just knowing the best way for you to do it. This, coupled with her huge heart and love of supporting people to grow their business in whatever way works best for them, makes Lindsey an invaluable asset to anyone who is keen to move their business forward with rock solid support that is delivered in a really hands on way.

I first came to Lindsey with a major headache of a problem with one of my online teaching programmes. I had been grappling with this problem for over a year and had in fact already sought help from two other Business Coaches. When I presented the problem to Lindsey she paused for less than one minute then said: “There isn’t a problem with what you are offering, it’s how you are positioning it that is making it seem complicated”. Then she advised me on what steps to take to reposition my programme. Wow. A year long problem and two coaches later and the problem was solved in less than one minute with Lindsey. Now that is a result!
Join Today to Put YOU Firmly in Control of YOUR business success.
"We can't recommend Lindsey highly enough, she got to grips with our business incredibly quickly. She understood where we wanted to get to and gave insightful advice to get us there. Excellent service." Andrew and Fran, Bumble and Boots

"Lindsey is highly motivating and enthusiastic, giving you lots of good advice and guidance on how to take your business forward. I would highly recommend anyone in business having a discussion with Lindsey." Alan, AMCAS Training Ltd

"Lindsey has demonstrated great insight and business acumen. Whilst never letting me off the hook she has coached me how to recognise both successes and areas for improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey, an outstanding business coach." Emma, ABC Networking Ltd
Your Questions Answered
Q: Do I need to attend the group calls?

A: If you want to make the most of this opportunity I'm going to say yes but I also realise stuff gets in the way. It's why calls are recorded and shared with you.

Q: What day will the group calls be on?

A: Every Tuesday morning for ten weeks at 09.30am and the first on Tuesday 15th January 2019.

Q: How long do I have access to this content? 

A: Until Friday 5th April creating a little buffer should you fall behind but to ensure you complete the programme. You will also have access to the Private Facebook group until this time.

Q: What if other business questions come up during the time of working together?

A: I will, of course, support you completely throughout the time of working together.
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